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Marlborough born and bred and 100% locally owned and operated. Gill Construction has notched up over 80+ years in business.

Over the years diversified the operation from specialising in roading/earthmoving to fertiliser spreading, stock and bulk cartage and including two aggregate crushing plants to supply all roading/ sealing chip/concrete and landscaping requirements.

Gill Constructions operation span’s from Blenheim, Seddon and Kaikoura which help serve in the commitment to continue playing a key role in the development within the provinces.

Gill Construction has created a culture and reputation to satisfy contractors/clients with a workforce of employees leading within their fields and taking pride of their work with staff been within the company up to 50 years.


Marlborough born and bred and 100% locally owned and operated – Gill Construction has notched up 80 years in business, with a celebration to be held at Clubs Marlborough at the end of the month for people involved with the company both past and present….

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Anthony (Tony) Gill

Managing Director

Tony Gill
As a 3rd Generation Gill, Tony has been within the company since he was 15 before becoming the managing director in 1989. Tony oversees the day to day running of the company but is not afraid to operate any machine to get the job done with a vast knowledge and experience in roading/earthmoving.

Roger Earl

Construction Manager

Roger joined Gill Construction Co Ltd in 2007, starting in the earthmoving and roading division before moving towards a manager’s role in Heavy Transportation/Contracting, liaising with both Consultants and Clients to ensure all aspects of works are completed on a timely manner and at the up most high standard.

Ken Steel

Finance Manager

Ken Steel
Joined the team in 2010 with a background in finance after spending 25 years in BNZ, having spent this time he is familiar in all aspects in improving the company’s finance/administration.

Mike Lyon

Rural Seddon Area Manager

Mike Lyons
Mike has been with the company for over 42 years, he started with the company as a truck driver after Gill Construction brought out Awatere Transport in 1973. Mike was mainly doing stock cartage but showed versatility in driving most other vehicles before becoming the company’s Rural Area Manager in 1993 where he runs all the Awatere Rural division in Stock/Fertilizer Cartage & Spreading and Rural Cartage.

Bruce Ingram

Rural Kaikoura Area Manager

Kaikoura born and breed, Bruce joined the team 1988 to 1997 before joining the team again in 2001 driving Freight/Stock trucks before becoming Kaikoura Area Manager in 2007. Managing Stock/Fertilizer Cartage & Spreading and Rural Cartage.