2012-2013 (60weeks)

Subcontractor to Heb Construction

One of the largest infrastructure projects tackled by the Marlborough District Council, The $17 million upgrade to Blenheim’s sewage system, dealing with the town’s residential and commercial wastewater, is thought to be the biggest project it has handled since the Southern Valleys Irrigation Scheme in 2005.Blenheim’s wastewater is discharged to the Opawa River after treatment to a basic level.The upgrade project has created new wetlands and storage ponds so in future only highly treated wastewater will be discharged on to surrounding land during summer months or pumped into the Wairau Estuary on the outgoing tides.As part of the huge project, a new wildlife habitat has been created, with 25 hectares of new wetlands and better public access for recreational use of the lower Opawa River and Wairau Estuary and walkways through the area.

Site works Gill Construction where involved with where;

  • Stripping and Finishing Vegetation/Topsoil (21,000m3)
  • Earthworks Cut/Fill for 8 new ponds (60,000m3)
  • Roading Pavement Construction (4.5km)
  • Additional earthworks for pumps stations/spillway.

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